Horlings Warranty Policy

Congratulations on your purchase!

Horlings nursery and Greenhouse stock is guaranteed to be in good growing condition upon leaving our premises. The item(s) you have purchased may have unique growing preferences. We encourage you to ask our horticultural staff about those preferences & seek their advice should your plant be struggling. It is the buyer's responsibility to plant the stock correctly, and to encourage & maintain a healthy growing environment. 

Herbaceous perennials are covered under our warranty for the growing season they are purchased in. Including such items as: hosta, daylilies, grasses, etc

We guarantee our stock for one year. Stock planted by Horlings staff is guaranteed for two years. Exceptions follow: 

  1. Roses & Rhododendrons
  2. Trees with a clipper size in excess of 45mm, unless planted by Horlings Staff.
  3. Trees that are in a wire basket, unless planted by Horlings professionals.
  4. Stock purchased by an approved trade professional.
  5. Damage caused by animals, acts of nature/severe weather conditions, including drought, transplant shock, neglect and chemical or fertilizer misuse.
  6. Annuals, Houseplants, Tropical Patio Plants & Water Plants


Please Note:

Sale items are warranted for sale price only. Perennials, grasses and ground covers are guaranteed until the first frost. 


Warranty Process

  1. Retain the original receipt
  2. If your plant does not survive, return BOTH the plant and the receipt to Horlings Garden Centre. 
  3. Horlings staff will issue a credit for the original purchase price recorded on the receipt.
  4. The credit may be used any time within one year from the date of issue for any regularly priced Horlings Garden Centre merchandise.
  5. Stock purchased with a credit note is not guaranteed