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We're closed and preparing for next season. Thank you to everyone that came in, browsed, and supported our store this summer. Have a safe and happy winter, we'll see you next spring!


The Garden Centre

CLOSED | Preparing for next season!

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Our History

In 1963, Harry & Sophia Horlings moved to Lakefield from the Netherlands with their five children. The motivation behind this international move was quite simple - to pursue an entrepreneurial future. After experimenting with a butcher shop, a grocery store, and a few other projects, the Horlings family fostered their passion for gardening. For the last 30 years, Horlings Garden Centre has been proudly owned by Ed & Glenna Horlings. 

Yard Maintenance

Spring, summer and fall, Horlings Maintenance is ready to make your yard look spectacular. For planting, pruning and other gardening chores - we have it covered.


Do you have an outdoor dream that you’re ready to make a reality? Our team of landscapers has helped make these ideas come to life for 25 years.

Custom Baskets

Do you have a planter, but don’t know how to do it up? Or an idea but want an expert's opinion? Horlings can help.